Welcome to Hang Hang Monster

A next-gen take on the classic word game. Now available for download on iOS and Android devices!

HangHang Monster invites intrepid gamers to take on Hector (he’s the nicest executioner around) and his fearsome team in the highest-stakes test of wits ever!


The Village Executioner


The Forest Executioner


The Volcano Executioner


The Village Executioner


The Mountain Executioner


The Snow Executioner

Save your souls

The charming fellow in the hood is Hector. Choose the right letters to reveal hidden sentences and he might just let you off the hook.

  • Pick a letter
  • See if it appears - or brings you closer to your end.
  • Use the revealed letters to fill in the puzzle and win the game!
  • Hang in there!

Travel the universe islands

Follow Hector and his friends through hundreds of puzzles in Executioner Town, Hang ‘Em High Forest and the Lavalands. Guess, solve and play ranges over hundreds of levels in many exciting worlds. The more you win, the more you unlock. Plus there are coins, gems and rewards galore! Any last words, Hector?

Bring redemption and money

Greater rewards as you progress, sharpening your language skills along the way.

“Think of it this way. You’ll make a lovely Halloween decoration.”
- Hector

Pull That Lever!

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